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As a specialist clinic in periodontology, we are keen to keep your tooth as long as circumstances allow. There are proprioceptors inside a tooth, which allow the tooth to sense the strength of the chewing movement. However, when a tooth is lost, implant would be the ideal treatment, as it prevent resorption of jaw bone and immensely restore chewing function. With implant, it provides the same strength of chewing as a natural tooth and the durability is comparable to real teeth.

Are you a suitable candidate for dental implants?


Dantal implants will be suitable for you if you have one of the following concern-



The naturalness of your implanted tooth depends on the following factors-


The correct 3-dimensional positioning of the planned implant restoration is crucial on achieving naturalness of the implanted tooth. Properties of the restorative material should match the opposite tooth. 

The material of the abutment also contributes to the naturalness of the implanted tooth. Our unique CAD-CAM made abutment offer different shades matching with the rest of your teeth. 

Gum tissue texture and colour around the implanted tooth is another factor for best aesthetic result. Your natural teeth are surrounded by pink and firm gum tissue, special care on gum tissue safeguard the appearance as well as protecting your implant. 

Manipulation of gum level can be achieved by gum recontouring procedures (i.e root coverage and crown lengthening), which is the solution to the best aesthetic result. 



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