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Sign of aging from the dental aspect

As you age you may encounter chewing problem, many of you may have associated loss of teeth to the ageing process, but the truth is teeth loss is often result from untreated tooth decay and gum disease. Gum tissue naturally recedes with age, causing cavities on the neck of the tooth easier.

What happens when there is a missing tooth?

Occlusion is the contact between upper teeth and lower teeth when chewing or at rest. Missing tooth may result in wrong occlusion and lead to sore when chewing and sensitive to hot & cold. Moreover, insufficient number of back teeth lead to poor function and have an impact on food choice and nutritional well-being. Missing teeth may also have a big impact on your appearance and give you a shrunken face and gaps between teeth.

Tooth wearing comes with ageing, although teeth are amazingly strong, they are not indestructible. A lifetime of crunching and grinding wears away the outer layer of enamel and may set the stage for more serious dental problems such as cracked, chipped and short teeth, resulting in poor appearance, functional problem, sensitivity and loosening of tooth.

At Precious Smile, we work with you to reverse the dental aging process.


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